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We provide a wide range of Industrial Shock Absorbers and various custom order designed orifice Absorbers!

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We provide various Heavy Duty Buffers for Heavy industries and Railway systems!

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Stacker Crane Buffer

We provide various Stacker Crane Buffers for Automated Storage, Overhead Crane & Theme Park Riders!

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Best Engineered for Energy Absorption!

As manufacturing process speeds up in every industry for better productivity and production size is getting larger, needs for high performance hydraulic shock absorber are increasing in the market. IZMAC has designed entirely new and innovative shock absorber,  which achieved much higher output than a conventional shock absorber in rating by 200% upgrade and impact velocity up to 5m/sec. This new product is fully optimized for the best system performance and subjects to higher impact forces. This new design features a larger piston head diameter and a material balance to higher energy absorption. IZMAC will provide better solutions for energy absorption, longer life cycles and high quality products.

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